The 10 Top Costs of Self-Publishing

Florida Writers Conference Blog

By Michelle Weidenbenner

You’ve been writing for years. And waiting. You’ve gone to writer’s conferences and met agents and publishers. You’ve written at least fifty query letters and a few book proposals. Maybe you’ve landed an agent and waited another year and you still aren’t any closer to finding a publisher for your novels.

That was my scenario for almost ten years. In the meantime, I kept writing and doing all those important things the agents tell you to do—start a blog, build your email list, join all the social media sites, build a following. I joined LinkedIn, Pinterest, Goodreads, and FB. I found thousands of followers on Twitter and blogged at least three times a week. It was exhausting.

And still there were no bites on my manuscripts. After months of research, gallons of coffee, and a lot of  “selfie” lectures trying to build myself up, I decided to…

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